Jean Meinhardt

Contemporary Functional Porcelain

My work is mainly focused on the thrown form. Through the years, my interest in working on the wheel has never diminished. I still find the process of throwing the most enjoyable part of what I do.

I became interested in developing glazes after starting my business in 1991. At that time, I experimented with many types; from gas fired glazes inspired by Song Dynasty ware, to crystal glazes fired in a computer controlled electric kiln. This experimentation led me to the work I am doing today.

The glazes I have developed for my work are a family of high-fired crystalline glazes. During the firing process crystals develop - a micro crystalline structure not noticeable to the naked eye. These crystals refract light and create the iridescent quality of the glaze. The process of glaze melt leaves crystal ropes in the surface which add a dynamic dimension.

In creating glazes, my object is to do more than simply cover the form. The glazes I find most appealing are those that invite your eye to take a closer look. I strive to achieve a balance between simplicity of form and richness of surface and to make pieces that can be appreciated over time through daily use.

Meinhardt Design
202 Murray Drive
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